Surgery for Head and Neck Disease

The management of disease of the head and neck is a broad topic. Significant head and neck diseases we manage include thyroid and parathyroid problems, salivary gland disease and mucosal and skin cancers of the head and neck.  

Head and neck disease occurs in a very visible region of the body and we understand the anxiety and concern that this causes for patients with both benign problems and for those with cancer.  Our aim is to manage both groups of patients and their surgical problems with compassion and dedication.   

The father of head and neck surgery was Dr Hayes Martin.  He built a specialty out of general surgery to care for the needs of patients whose cancer involved the most challenging region of the body.  This specialty is based on an intimate knowledge of anatomy and pathology combined with the highest standards of surgical handcraft.  

Some of the more common conditions and procedures we manage are listed herein.